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Ray Calladine BSc CChem FRSC FCILT - Bolsover Parliamentary Candidate in the 2010 & 2015 elections


Ray Calladine from South Normanton, whose family have lived in the area for over 100 years, has his own family business based in South Normanton, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and a Chartered Chemist. He is currently working for a large petrochemical producer  as Sales & Marketing Director

Ray has a wide experience working all across Europe as well as the Middle East and Asia. This he believes, gives him the opportunity to comment first hand on some of the crucial issues such as the damage that Europe is doing to the UK's manufacturing industry with its draconian legislation (REACH for example) and overbearing desire to control everything.

Ray travels globally and has said that Britain, our Britain is something well worth fighting for before those in Brussels turn us all in to grey faceless Europeans with no say in their own destiny.

Ray has seen the erosion in manufacturing jobs in the UK along with the climbing national deficit as the stranglehold from Brussels forces British jobs abroad and prevents us from putting into place a system as they have in the USA and Australia to protect the welfare of our families and their children. Not the best present to hand on to anyone!

Successive Tory and Labour governments have done their best to damage family life in the UK, previous Labour governments raided our pension funds, raised the retirement age and squandered all the tax revenues. Consequently we have fewer manufacturing jobs and nothing to show for it but a deficit which is out of control and is only marginally better than Greece (12% GDP). 2014 is certainly not the best year we have had in Britain and with David Cameron offering us a vote on leaving the EU (BUT not whilst he is Prime Minister, what is he afraid of, the British People's common sense?) and the EU infiltrating our daily lives still further from 2015 with the compulsory introduction of the "black box" in every new car BIG BROTHER is here and watching you. So we must build on the success in the European elections and prepare for a UKIP Westminster election in 2015 to save democracy in the UK whilst we still have the chance.

Ray Calladine stands for all of the key manifesto points of the UKIP and is the adopted candidate for Bolsover. He has a wide range of business experience which enables him to comment on the policies and those of our opponents and still hopes to fight for the local community which since the demise of the mining industry has seen little investment in real manufacturing jobs.

What do we want? We want "Democracy" real democracy in action, with the people of Britain empowered to do things in their own regions not by dictat from Brussels where we only have a 9% say in what happens in our own country let alone our own constituency

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