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December  28th Bolsover branch  -Annual General Meeting was inquorate following the departure of the incumbent Treasurer and Secretary, and the branch will now have to refer to regional office until a resolution made.

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Business for Britain say "Much to gain from leaving the European Union" say - read more about it by clicking the link and don't forget the French and Germans are now also asking to leave! Readvmore about it by clicking "Frexit"

 UKIP National Executive ratify the new UKIP Bolsover branch and welcome in the new committee. 

Ray Calladine achieves 21% of the vote in the May 7th 2015 Westminster Election - a clear demonstration that UKIP is now a main stream party to be reckoned with.  

Denis Skinner MP, the Labour MP for Bolsover made an interesting point in Parliament about the various nationalities required to perform his surgery in the NHS. Whilst we respect Mr Skinners views, especially since he clearly benefitted from the life saving surgery we feel that perhaps he missed the point being made which was that we, by bringing in many of these skilled people from overseas are depriving the opportunities for these skilled positions to the people of the UK and simultaneously "robbing" the countries that trained these people of the return on their investment. This scandalous waste of tax payers money and the serious risk posed to patients can be reviewed in more detail by referring to the following incidents relating to the cost and deaths caused by these practices:

It was a surprise to see Labour's defence of declining standards in the NHS and especially the inability to train UK's youth to fulfil the futures needs. One only needs to  refer to the death caused by in imported German GP, Dr Ubani :
Mr Gray's GP, Dr Richard Hirson, said he was 'appalled' when he heard of the dose of diamorphine, adding that 10mg is the ' recognised therapeutic dose'.  Trevor Smith, a duty manager at SuffDoc, now known as Take Care Now, which provided locums for the area, said: 'I saw Dr Ubani had updated the log showing a dose given of 100mg of diamorphine.  'I'm not a clinician but as soon as I saw this I knew it was an overdose.'
Ubani admitted his mistake when he contacted the Department of Health and Social Matters in Germany two weeks later.
Rita Prchlik, from the department, said in a statement: 'He called and said, "I have made a mistake in England due to tiredness which resulted in a death".'  Further details of the death of Mrs Edwards, who lived in a care home in Ely, Cambridgeshire, will be heard during the inquest.
Mr Gray's son Stuart, a GP in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, yesterday spoke of his anger at his father's death.
'My father was betrayed by the system,' he said. 'All patients are being let down by the NHS because of the lack of vetting procedures and rules in place for EU doctors.
'It is a national scandal. The minister responsible for out-of-hours care, Mike O'Brien, should be held responsible for the failures in the system.'
A third of primary care trusts are now flying in GPs from as far away as Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland to provide out-of-hours care.
The influx can be traced back to the Government's botched reforms of family doctors' contracts in 2004.  GPs were able to give up working anti-social hours but their salaries rose to an average of more than £100,000.  Primary care trusts were forced to turn to foreign doctors - who can earn up to £150 an hour - to fill the void.
Ubani escaped a manslaughter prosecution in the UK after a German court convicted him of death by negligence and gave him a nine-month suspended sentence, plus an order to pay costs of £4,500.
Because he has been convicted in Germany, under British law he cannot be tried for the same offence here.
With unemployment at serious levels we should as a nation  be promoting job programmes to train more UK citizens to become Doctors and nurses to tackle both the poor English issue and the unemployment issues in the UK rather than draining poor foreign countries of their skilled workforce
which is ethically not acceptable since the investment those countries made in the education of their medical trainees is then spent in the UK rather than in their own countries which funded their education.
The EU rules on mutual recognition of qualifications (Bologna directive) has long been a source of concern, it was recognised that it puts patients lives in peril and UKIP also recognise this risk  outlined originally by the Telegraph:

The intervention by a House of Lords committee came two weeks after the Health Secretary, told the Conservative Party conference that he would amend the law to force all foreign-trained doctors to undergo language tests.  The Lords' Social Policies and Consumer Protection EU Sub-Committee is recommending that all regulatory bodies, such as the General Medical Council (GMC) and Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) be allowed to test the language skills of all non-UK applicants.  At the moment only those from outside Europe are routinely tested.
There is concern that those trained in Europe cannot be tested due to the EU's Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive, which assures freedom of movement for them. For example, the GMC has complained that it has to accredit Europe-trained doctors, regardless of English skills.
The issue came to prominence after Dr Daniel Ubani, a German-trained GP, killed David Gray, 70, in 2008 on his first shift NHS shift as an out-of-hours GP.  To date neither Labour or the Conservatives have resolved these well documented problems

UK national debt continues to spiral out of control under both Labour & Tories - opt out of the EU and put the £50 million per day to better used reducing the deficit!

Click here to watch the national debt live

UKIP Online 

EU’s demands for UK taxpayers to cough up an additional £1.7bn is ‘outrageous’

Posted on October 24


bigpic.jpgThe EU’s demands for UK taxpayers to cough up an additional £1.7bn is ‘outrageous’ and the leadership of the Conservative Party is in ‘complete disarray’ according to UKIP’s EU budget spokesman, Jonathan Arnott MEP.

EU Chiefs plan to charge an additional £1.7 billion from UK taxpayers on the back of the UK’s better than expected economic performance in recent years.

Meanwhile, Syed Kamall, leader of the Conservatives' MEPs, admitted this morning that Treasury officials may have known about the EU’s new demands a week ago. 

UKIP records best ever election result 1st MP in Westminster

The political establishment had written off our chances of ever having representation in Westminster.


This morning, we made history and proved them wrong. In Clacton, Douglas Carswell won 60% of the vote with a 12,404 majority. His share of the vote actually rose from the 53% he won in the 2010 General Election to 60% in this poll.


We also came extremely close in Heywood and Middleton where John Bickley won 11,016 of the votes, slashing the Labour majority to just 617.

Thank you to everyone who has helped in these massively important campaigns, the support for Douglas from UKIP members across the whole country has been fantastic.


Warning from Britain's biggest waste firm over new EU rules forcing people to recycle more

Families may have to separate their rubbish into six bins from next year, Britain’s biggest waste firm has warned. Continue reading...






UK drivers fear 'black box' tech in cars

By Press Association reporters | Press Association – Fri, Aug 1, 2014 09:05 BST

EUROPEAN UNION plans to install ‘black box’ technology in all new cars from 2015 have met with an overwhelming ‘no’ from UK drivers.

The EU regulations will see e-Call fitted to all new cars sold from November 2015. The e-Call technology automatically contacts the emergency services in the event of a collision and could save 2500 lives on the roads of Europe every year. It will contact emergency services even if the car’s occupants are unconscious.

However, drivers in the UK feel this is a precursor to black box technology that can record a car’s speed and the driver’s behaviour. In a survey by Motorpoint, 71.5% of drivers said they were not in favour of this technology in cars.

Using GPS telematics similar to a satellite navigation system, black box technology can monitor how a driver accelerates, brakes and where and when they drive. There are no plans to use e-Call for this purpose.

Mike Carpenter, Managing Director of Motorpoint, said: ‘You can’t argue with the benefits of a device being used to make it easier for the emergency services to track a vehicle, but the results of our poll are clear. British drivers don’t want costly Big Brother devices attached to their cars which have the potential to track their movements at all times.’

British exit from the European Union would be better than remaining in an unreformed EU

A report commissioned by London Mayor Boris Johnson has concluded that a British exit from the European Union would be better for the city than remaining in an unreformed EU.

Johnson is likely to give his backing to the report in a speech this week to launch the document, The Sunday Telegraph and The Sunday Times newspapers said.

The Conservative mayor is to address a business audience on Wednesday.

The report, by banker Gerard Lyons, contains eight demands for reform that go beyond the ambitions set out by Prime Minister David Cameron.

If the Conservative leader remains in Downing Street after the May general election, he intends to renegotiate London's relationship with Brussels then hold a referendum by the end of 2017 on whether Britain should remain in the EU.

"The best economic scenario for Britain over the next 20 years is to be in a significantly reformed European Union," Lyons told The Sunday Telegraph.

"But if, as an alternative, the UK leaves the EU on good terms, while adopting sensible outward-looking trading policies, that comes a very close second.

"Britain can only achieve meaningful EU reform if it's serious about leaving," he added.

"Our detailed study shows it's definitely a viable option for the UK to be outside the EU."

The Sunday Times quoted an unnamed source close to Johnson as saying: "Boris favours a renegotiation in which we stay in and complete the common market.

"He believes that is achievable by being bold about that renegotiation and not having that fear about leaving. If voters say that's not enough and we leave, the longer-term aspects of that are not as damaging as people might imagine."

The Sunday Telegraph said Lyons' report found that London had a gross domestic product (GDP) of £350 billion ($590 billion, 440 billion euros) -- around a fifth of the British economy.

It said that could be expected to rise to £640 billion by 2034 if Britain stayed within a reformed EU oriented towards trade with growing markets outside the 28-member bloc.

It would still expand to £614 billion if Britain left to pursue its own trade-friendly policies, the report said.

But if Britain stayed in an unreformed EU, London's GDP could be expected to grow to just £495 billion over the same period, while leaving the EU but failing to adopt a more outward-looking trade policy would limit it to £430 billion. 


Local elections 2014: surge by Ukip throws Labour into poll crisis

Ed Miliband's hopes of winning 2015 general election severely undermined by Nigel Farage's success in the local elections.

Previously, Ukip’s major advances had largely been at the expense of the Conservatives, who also continued to suffer in the latest polls.

The development saw Labour MPs openly attacking their leader with members of the shadow cabinet at odds over how to counter the emerging Ukip threat.

Put the face of Europe to something useful, wipe the pots with him!
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UKIP say no to further European laws and yes to local democracy

Uncontrolled Immigration


Migrants take four jobs for every one that goes to a Briton

Unemployment fell by 132,000 over the past three months – but for every British worker who found a job, four immigrants also secured work. Continue reading...







MORE than a million people have breached Britain’s chaotic border controls and are living here illegally, according to a shocking study.

It reveals that Liberal Democrat plans for an amnesty could add a further 1.1 million people to the UK’s already-soaring population.

What we say:

A million immigrants is the population equivalent of Birmingham. As every day passes, more and more people come out to criticise the Lib Dem’s ‘let them all stay’ policy.

Even immigration charity Refugee Action thinks the policy is a step too far.

Of course, immigrants from the EU aren’t counted in this figure because they are allowed to wander in and out of the UK whenever they like, without being counted.

Only UKIP has an effective immigration policy, because we would set a limit, and leave the EU.

UKIP are a party of real people, not career politicians, we don’t have to rely on fake photos, we have enough genuine ones of our own.!