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April is UKIP Month – Join the National Action Day tomorrow

As Nigel announced a few weeks ago, April is 'UKIP Month' – when UKIP is back on the streets nationwide, making our presence felt and garnering new support.

I am delighted to announce that 5 million leaflets have already been delivered to the Regional Referendum Co-ordinators, and these are being followed by UKIP Tablecloths, stickers and balloons to enable you to make a splash on your High Street tomorrow – and, hopefully, every day thereafter (it doesn't have to be a Saturday!).

Our colourful leaflets are announcing that UKIP is here, very much at the forefront of the Referendum campaign, and asking for public support. They will put UKIP back into the public's minds in the run-up to the May 5th elections, and get more people joining the party, as well as underlining the key Leave campaign messages.

In the next phase, we'll be producing more material, including pull-up banners, badges and new leaflets with much more information about the key arguments for Brexit. But in the meantime, please support your local branch in making sure everyone knows that April is UKIP Month!


Port Talbot: “We’ll do all we can”

Business Secretary Sajid Javid is again hiding behind this meaningless phrase “We’ll do all we can”.   Yes, Sajid, but what can you do?  Under EU rules, practically nothing.  A precondition for saving steel (and our energy-intensive industries more generally) is to leave the EU, and to implement rational energy polices, and if necessary rational anti-dumping policies.  The USA can do it.  An independent Britain could do it.  The EU has repeatedly shown itself incapable of doing it.... more>

“EU spends more on spin than on fighting terrorism”

The Express reports that the EU plans to spend €224 million on propaganda this year (something to do with the UK Referendum, perhaps?) as against €204 on counter-terrorism (as Allison Pearson put it, “We have GCHQ – the Belgians have Inspector Clouseau”).  It also employs three times as many people in its media department as in its migration and home affairs office.  Nice to know we’re getting value from out £350 million a week EU subscription.

You can read more of Roger Helmer's blog here.

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Steve Crowther

Party Chairman
Referendum Campaign


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