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UKIP says we voted to leave the European Union - Enact Article 50!

What We Stand For

UKIP is a party that promotes democracy, independence: from the EU, and from government interference. We believe in free trade, lower taxes, personal freedom and responsibility.

Time to leave!

We voted no on 23rd June 2016 but Britain still needs to win back its Independence.

We ask Theresa May to uphold the wishes of the people, democracy and freedom and enact Article 50 immediately!


UKIP believes in Britain becoming a democratic, self-governing country once again. This can only be achieved by getting our nation out of the European Union and reasserting the sovereignty of Parliament by completing the requirements of Article 50. We fought and won the referendum on 23rd June 2016 but still Parliament is dragging its feet and judges are trying to usurp British democracy! We believe that Britain is has always been better as an independent nation, trading and building harmonious relations with the rest of the world. Britain needs to regain its democracy and it may come as a surprise to many that these views are also shared by the French and Germans who also want a referendum on leaving what has become and un-democratic "old boys" club for civil servants - far removed from its voters.

Britain must get back control over its borders, so that it can welcome people with a positive contribution to make while limiting the overall numbers of migrants and keeping out those without the skills or attitudes to be of benefit to the nation. Britain, along with many other countries simply cannot afford the tidal wave of economic migrants all rushing to claim benefits, jobs and the limited resources available to us.

UKIP believes in promoting self-reliance and personal freedom from state interference. We believe the state in Britain has become too large, too expensive and too dominant over civil society. Recent surveys show that the UK ranks third in the "nanny state" rankings.

Return Power to the UK - We voted to leave the EU's un democratic laws - 3600 from 2010 - 2014 alone!

The NO vote  was a vote to leave the EU and recover power over our national life. Remember 23rd June as the new UK Independence day. However, the fight to win back our freedom and the right to govern ourselves and decide how to spend our taxes and at what level those taxes should be is far from over - many including those leading the labour party and its former leaders are once again trying to overule democracy - we say NO! to any attempt to overule the rights of the people.

• Free trade, but not political union, with our European neighbours. We are the EU’s largest export market: they depend on us for jobs - not the other way around. To those who say we need to be in for free access - look at South Korea - they have free access and no free movement of people and so should we. This proves the lies we were told about the two being reliant one on the other.

• Binding local and national referenda, at the public’s request, on major issues - such a leaving the EU are finally seen as the only true democratic process.

Protect Our Borders - Voting NO to staying in the EU on 23rd June 2016 still needs Article 50 to start this process


• Regain control of our borders and of immigration - only possible by leaving the EU - enact Article 50 immediately Theresa!

• Immigrants must financially support themselves and their dependents for 5 years. This means private health insurance (except emergency medical care), private education and private housing - they should pay into the pot before they take out of it. As with many other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Australia - a work permit should not mean the right to live here forever. This would answer the squeels from those who claim it disadvantages our businesses. If it doesnt elsewhere why is the UK different?

• A points-based visa system and time-limited work permits with no permanent right to stay as practised by many countries such as Saudi Arabia.

• Proof of private health insurance must be a precondition for immigrants and tourists to enter the UK. 

Rebuild Prosperity - 0nly possible with a "NO" Vote being followed through - every day we do not enact Article 50 is another day of huge waste of the Taxpayers money...our money!


• Save £50m a day in membership fees by leaving the EU and give British workers first crack at the 800,000 jobs we currently advertise to EU workers.

• No tax on the minimum wage.

• Enrol unemployed welfare claimants onto community schemes or retraining workfare programmes.

• Scrap HS2, all green taxes and wind turbine subsidies.

• Make cuts to foreign aid that are real and rigorous. How can we justify giving aid to a country with a Space programme!

Safeguard Against Crime:

* We voted NO to the EU and for a return to the British Legal system - BUT the government is still dragging its heals on enacting Article 50.

Write to your MP today demanding democracy be followed through!

*Justice and Fair play is our right, not a privilege

*The right to address the court and defend yourself


• No cuts to front line policing.

• Make sentences mean what they say.

• No votes for prisoners - that’s what losing your liberty means.

• Prevent foreign criminals entering the UK - by re-introducing border controls that the EU forced us to abandon.

• Scrap the European Arrest Warrant, which sends British citizens to foreign jails without evidence, just to answer questions - replace it with a proper extradition system.

• Remove the UK from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights. 

Care And Support For All 


• Open GP surgeries in the evening, for full-time workers, where there is demand.

• Locally-elected County Health Boards to inspect hospitals - to avoid another Stafford Hospital crisis.

• Prioritise social housing for people whose parents and grandparents were born locally.

• Allow the creation of new grammar schools.

• Make welfare a safety net for the needy, not a bed for the lazy. Benefits only available to those who have lived here for over 5 years. 

The "NO" Vote was a vote for Free Speech and Democracy!

Why have our judges ignored the people?


• No to Political Correctness - it stifles free speech.

• The law of the land must apply to us all. We oppose any other system of law.

• Teach children positive messages and pride in their country. We want to unite through better integration.

UKIP is a patriotic party that believes in putting Britain first. Only UKIP will return self-government to the British people.